Easter 2014

Easter this year was so much fun! Ty had a blast an finally understood that where there is one Easter egg, there has to be more. Last year, he was fully content after finding a single Easter egg.  :)   We started our Easter season by going to an Easter egg hunt that was put on by our friends at Keller Williams real estate. Ty then had three more Easter egg hunts for each of his three sets of grandparents. Unfortunately, Ty does not really like candy except for M&M's and Sixlets so we still have a huge bucket of candy that Stacy and I are always tempted with... We love Ty so much and had so much fun with him this year. Happy Easter!!

Ty hunting for eggs at Grandma and Grandpa Barton's house. All of Ty's eggs were blue! 

Counting the take so far... 

Looking for eggs at Grandma and Grandpa Lyman's house. There were plenty of spots to hide eggs in their backyard! 

Ty had to take a break to see what kind of candy was inside. 

Ty giving Grandma Lyman a hug and saying thanks and teasing Duba 

Loves for Grandpa Lyman too!! 

For Easter, Stacy and I got him a Jake and the Neverland Pirates couch, a new church outfit, and some fun (and noisy) toys like a kazoo and a harmonica. 

The rest of the day sounded like we had Stevie Wonder in our house...I think he liked the couch 

 Scoring eggs at Grandma and Grandpa Paul's house. They used real, hard-boiled eggs for their hunt. Ty was quite confused when it wasn't candy he found inside, LOL

Hunting with mom 

Still trying to figure out why these eggs were different 

Stacy, Ty, and Grandpa Paul scoping out the area 

Ty did his Easter egg hunt with his little cousin, Brian. Ty of course had to take a break to sit in his wagon. 

All smiles 

Ty hanging out with the Easter bunny at the Keller Williams Easter egg hunt. 

 Ty was trying to do a sack race with the rest of the kids. He had a lot of fun!

 An egg to match his shirt

There were so many kids there! Having him in a bright orange shirt sure helped to keep track of him 

His Easter basket doubles as a hat of course 

Happy Easter!

This is The Place!!

While my sister and her family were here visiting from Vegas we took all the kids to This is the Place.  All of the kids were in heaven.   They had so many activities for the kids to do.   

 Baby Chicks that the kids were able to hold.  Ty was not scared at all.  He would try and pick them up himself but they were a little too fast for him to grab.
 My niece Anneka with the baby chicks.  She loves all animals and had the time of her life.  The workers even let her help put the horses away at the end of the day and feed them and take care of them.  I think we all know where she wants to work when she is old enough :)

 Tatum with the chicks

 My sister Katie and two of her kids, Bridger and Brielle

 My mom took Ty into to see the pigs and she said that Ty would get right down by them and try and kiss them :)  Good thing they are behind the gate :)

 Say Cheese!  He is starting to love his picture taken but sometimes is really cheesy.  He would ride the horses all day.  The whole time he was riding the horses he would say Giddy Up!!

 My mom and niece Brooklyn on the train ride
 Digging for Gold with Aunt Jana.  Ty didn't waste any time looking for gold.  He wanted to get all the way in the stream.  He is all boy and loves doing anything that gets him super dirty!


We took Ty bowling for the first time the other day.  He had so much fun.  He got so excited about all of it.  He loved watching and waiting for the ball to come, watching the pins get knocked down and he loved cheering for me and Cameron when it was our turn.

Discovery Gateway

Me and my sister took Ty and two of her kids Bridger and Brielle to Discovery Gateway.  It was awesome.  Ty and I had never been there before.  The kids had a blast!  They ran around and played for almost 4 hours.  Lets just say they were all exhausted when we left.  

 Driving the jeep
 Bridger relaxing in the backseat while Ty was driving
 Filling the Jeep up with gas, and checking the air in the tires

 Intensely playing the piano :)
 In the life flight helicopter listening to what kind of patient they are going to pick up

 Helping the patient.  They were such good life flight workers :)

 They had the coolest sand box.  It wasn't real sand it was something different but it felt cool and the kids loved it.

 Construction work is hard work :)
I am pretty sure we will be going back to this place.  I love how there is so many different things for the kids to play with and experiment with.